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Tort lionhead kits ready to go. Born Oct 19th, 2012 

Pet, 4h, show.  Cimmaron and Weber lines.  REW to Tort

2 tort bucks (Keeping one)

4 tort does

25.00 - 40.00 pedigreed.  

 tort doe (z1)- 35.00

tort buck (zz)  25.00

tort buck (s1) -35.00 

Mini rex: Chewy (cwy) Broken Black mini rex jr. doe.  30.00 

Born Oct, 21, 2012

Netherland dwarfs from a blue-eyed white and a smoke pearl.  Pedigreed. Born Nov 3, 12 

Black vienna buck  35.00

Nice small buck.  Nice head and ears.  Can't be shown because of color.

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