Holland lops bucks -all are pedigreed 


WeeOne's Fancy Gemstone. "Gemmy"

Broken Black Otter-April 18, 2012

(AJs, Straws and Paws, Dowling, Snowdrift)



WeeOne's Win the Race "Indy"

Broken Sable Point -May 18, 2012

Best of Breed at 2012 fair with an ARBA judge.  Good job Jordan




Summers Spark Rum-"Rummy"

Blue -May 2, 2012

(MapleRidge, TRP's, LL, Broo) 



broken tort buck -


For Sale:  35.00 with pedigree or 25.00 without 

Cannot be shown because of ear injury.  Nice breeder buck.


Straws and Paws Montana "Mr.Freeze"

frosty pearl -July 20, 2007

Has one leg

Snowdrifts, Straws and Paws

Absolutely the sweetest bunny.  He is so laid back you can do anything to him. He throws this personality and nice quality, too. Has one leg in an ARBA show 2009

 wt: 2.8 


Plank's Ivan

Sable point -

(Planks, Sugars, Lil' Bit, Saynora, Camelot)

wt 3.0


MAW's Pumpkin


(Maws, Journae, AC) 


Van's HR713 "Marco"

July 15, 2011-Broken Black

(Vans, LaBeau, SRR, Pandar, Two Rivers, Plank)


WeeOnes Fluffy-Fuzzy Holland

frosty pearl neutered buck- 2009 Awesome, sweet guy. He has the best personality I have seen in a bunny and loves to be held and cuddled. 

Wt: 2.6 

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