These are the kits that are in the nestbox or mom's that are expecting.  Not all bunnies will be for sale.

Please read our Sales Policy before inquiring about a bunny/bunnies.

Lionlop Babies born Dec 12

Netherland dwarf: Broken black x Blue silver marten

Born Jan 2, 2012 Ready Feb 27, 2012

pix to come 

Blue otter doe (retaining)

Black otter buck

Broken black charlie buck


Holland lop: Broken tort x blue

Bred jan 18, 13    Due Feb 15, 13

Holland lop: Broken Sable point x Sable point 

Afl: Orange x Fawn

Bred Jan 2, 2013  Due Jan 30. 2013

Lionhead: Broken blue x tort 


Sometimes we have bunnies for sale that we haven't listed yet.  Please feel free to inquire.  

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