Here are a lot of the color patterns found in rabbits.  I am working on adding more.  It is not complete. If you have a color not seen here you would like me to use with credit, please forward it to me at   Some of the colors needed are lynx, chocolate, solid lilac, opal, orange, fawn, and any others you don't see here.

I don't need blue silver martin or pointed white, I just haven't added them yet. Thank you.

TRI COLOR- pattern Holland lop (below)

TRICOLOR-Mini rex (below))

SIAMESE SABLE- lionhead (below has more brown in the body color)


SABLE POINT-Lionhead and AFL (below) 

BROKEN CASTOR-Mini rex (below) 

CASTOR- mini rex in solid (below) 

BR.CASTOR BOOTED- Called BOOTED because of white feet and undercarriage. 

 TORT- American Fuzzy Lop and Holland lop (both on left)

 BROKEN TORT-Holland lops (both pics on right)


CHESTNUT-Holland lop. 

SQUIRREL-holland lop 


BROKEN BLACK-French lop with blanket pattern (top right) Lionhead (second),  and Netherland dwarf (last)

Last one has scattered white hairs which is not good for showing.


BLACK- lionhead kit (1st pic below) and Netherland dwarf (2nd pic below)

BLACK OTTER-netherland dwarf kit 


SEAL- Lionhead doe. It is hard to tell if it is seal or black unless they are next to eachother.  Seal is a little lighter with a dark cast. 

CHOCOLATE-lionhead and mini rex kits (It is hard to really see their color becasue of the lighting)

LYNX- Holland lop doe 

BROKEN BLUE-mini rex (1st pic below) and Holland (2nd pic below)

BLUE-Holland lop (below) 

 BROKEN LILAC- Holland lop (two below)

Lilac is lighter than blue with a purple cast.

 LILAC TORT- lionhead. (below right) 

It is hard to tell the difference in the pics, but lilac torts are lighter than chocolate torts and a little more blue toned.

Pics courtesy of Kari -Fluffy Hoppers

BLUE TORT- American Fuzzy Lop and Holland lop (below)

BROKEN BLUE TORT-Holland lop kit (below)

 Broken blue-blue tort-br. blue tort

BROKEN CHOCOLATE TORT-AFL (below two pictures) 

CHOCOLATE TORT-lionhead kit 

Pic courtesy of Kari-Fluffy Hoppers

FROSTY PEARL- Holland lops kit and adult (below)

SMOKE PEARL -Holland lop kits  (bleow) 

BLUE SILVER MARTEN-Netherland dwarf (buck) 

LILAC SILVER MARTEN-Netherland dwarf kit (below) 

BLACK SILVER MARTEN-Netherland dwarf. (below)  It is a sport because of the blue eyes-they appear red- and white stripe.  Can not be shown. 

ORANGE-Holland lop kit  

FAWN-American Fuzzy lop 

BLUE-EYED-WHITE-netherland dwarf buck 

 RED-EYED WHITE-Netherland dwarf and Lionhead

OPAL-Holland lop kit/-If you have a better guess let me know. This is what I think.

BROKEN OPAL-Holland lop 



SANDY-Flemish Giant  (right)

RED -Mini rex 

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