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Sales Policy: Rabbits

We are a small 4h rabbitry and are ARBA members.  We do our best to maintain healthy, happy, quality animals. 

We reserve the right to cancel or deny a sale of an animal at any time, for any reason.  We want to insure that our animals go to the best of homes. 

If a deposit is placed on an animal, it is non-refundable unless something happens to the animal before the new owner takes it.  We will also refund deposits if you place it for a certain sex rabbit and we are not able to provide that sex. 

We try to keep the website updated on availability.  We use some simple terms. 

Hold- spoken for but waiting for a deposit.

Deposit- Someone has paid half the money to hold the bunny until it is old enough to go.

Sold- All the money has been paid or it has gone to it's new home.

Retaining- We are keeping the rabbit for now to watch it grow out or are adding it to our personal stock.  

We can not gaurentee that an animal is show quality.  Animals grow and change and can develop for many months to a year.  We try to honestly access the animal before it goes to its new home and breed for quality and temperment.  Our rabbits are socialized and have all been frequently handled by humans. By the time they leave here they have been introduced to kids, cats, dogs, and commotion. 

Rabbits do have individual personalities, so even an animal that has been held daily may not prefer to be held all the time.  Other rabbits may love being held from the time they are able to walk around the cage.    

Under most circumstances we will replace an animal that dies up to a week after you aquire it.  We do expect that you follow care instructions given for the animal to be replaced.

Many people like the netherland dwarfs because of their small size.  I recommend if you are going to buy one for a child as a pet, that you read up and understand the breed.  Some netherlands are very calm and quiet, others are not as friendly.  It is a characteristic of there breed. Netherland dwarfs are a fun breed to show. They are small enough to take quite a few and see how they do. There is a lot of competition in this breed.

Holland lops make an excellent first bunny or pet for a younger child.  They are the most docile breed of bunnies. They can be up to 4lbs, but ours average 2 1/2 to 3 1/2lbs.  They are also nice show bunnies.  They are usually easy to teach to pose and very gentle to work with.  There is a lot of competition in this breed.

Mini rex are known for their soft, velvet, plush pelt.  They are easier on allergy sufferers than other bunnies.  They are usually a good kids bunny.  They can be up to about 4 1/2 lbs.  There make nice show bunnies.  They are judged on many features, but body type and fur texture are very important. There is a lot of competition in these, too. 

Lionheads are known for their mane of hair and fluff around their body.  The back should be noticable shorter than the mane.  Lionheads are usually about 2 1/2-3 1/2lbs.  Most of them have sweet personalities and like to be held.  Some are more like a netherland in personality.  Lionheads are not yet a breed recognized by ARBA (the american rabbit breeder's association), but can be shown at most ARBA shows.

If you are still interested in one of our bunnies, we would love to accomodate you any day except Sunday.  We do not buy/sell/do business on our Sabbath day.  Thanks for your understanding.



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